Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Create a shortcut to shutdown (or restart, standby...)

We can create shortcuts on desktop to shutdown our system.

To shutdown:
Right click on desktop >> new >> shortcut >> Type the location of item as " shutdown /s " >> give a name for the shortcut (eg: shutdown) >> finish.
Now there is a new shortcut in cliking on it we can shutdown our computer.

(If you want you can modify the icon as>> right click the new icon >> properties >> shortcut >> change icon - selct an icon from the list >> ok >> finish )

we can also create shortcuts for restarting , logoff ... all these can do the same way as the above. just change the command "Shutdown /s" with other commands. they are listed below

To restart : shutdown /r
To logoff : shutdown /l
To show a message before shutdown : shutdown /s /c message

To set the time before shutdown : shutdown /s /t 60 (In vista u can set seconds upto 600 and in XP it's maximum is 9999999)

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