Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Create a shortcut to shutdown (or restart, standby...)

We can create shortcuts on desktop to shutdown our system.

To shutdown:
Right click on desktop >> new >> shortcut >> Type the location of item as " shutdown /s " >> give a name for the shortcut (eg: shutdown) >> finish.
Now there is a new shortcut in cliking on it we can shutdown our computer.

(If you want you can modify the icon as>> right click the new icon >> properties >> shortcut >> change icon - selct an icon from the list >> ok >> finish )

we can also create shortcuts for restarting , logoff ... all these can do the same way as the above. just change the command "Shutdown /s" with other commands. they are listed below

To restart : shutdown /r
To logoff : shutdown /l
To show a message before shutdown : shutdown /s /c message

To set the time before shutdown : shutdown /s /t 60 (In vista u can set seconds upto 600 and in XP it's maximum is 9999999)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Unblock Orkut or any other blocked websites

In many offices and other places orkut and other community websites are blocked. But you can still use them with out any software or with softwares. Try the following way(Please dont misuse)

If you are using Windows XP;

Right click My network places> properties > Create a new connection >> Next >> connect to the network at my workplace >> Virtual private connection >> Give name as " " >> Type the Host name as " " >> mark the "add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop " >> Finish.
Then Click the new icon in the desktop and type username as " anonymous " and password as "anonymous", and also click the "save password" option.Now you finished. If u want to connect to orkut, just click and connect the icon. Then you can brows orkut as usual

In Windows Vista;
Start menu > connect to > setup a connection or network > connect to a workplace (set up a dial-up or VPN connection to your workplace) > Use my internet connection (VPN)> Give internet address as " " and Destination name as " " and mark the "allow other people to use this conn..." >> Username "anonymous" and password "anonymous" and mark remember my password (leave the domain blank) >>
then it connects succesfuly.
Then click cancel. now u can use Orkut.

If this method is not working then you can also use softwares like ultrasurf or hotspot sheild...
download them and run..